We are currently underway developing curriculums for two and three-day seminars to be offered only to licensed professionals from around the country/world. As with the weekly in-house classes, they will be intimate yet very intensive and will pertain to all categories of hair “beautifying” such as shaping and coloring as a complete work, advanced editorial hairstyling, advanced techniques of color correcting, and, of course, a course in Laurie’s unique technical style of Hand Painting. Please leave your information if you wish to participate as a model using the link below.

Seminars/Classes: Twice each week, there are evening classes/jam sessions being held in the salon for the artisans. These sessions are quite small, yet very specific and are designed to continually hone the skills and keep the inspirations alive of all who work here. If you wish to be on our list of prospective models for said classes, please click on the link below and briefly describe your hair’s current state, it’s past, and it’s future dreams. Please include your name and contact information.

Please note that the professionals accepted to attend all classes must also meet a certain experience and artistic criteria.